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With the high cost of printing and shipping, and the fact that over 81% of our sales are
ebooks and audios, we will not be printing books any longer.

Sales Opportunities


While you're in the dealership, what are you doing if you don't have a customer sitting in front of you? 

Are you leaning against a car looking out the window, waiting for that next customer to come through the door?  Are you reading a newspaper and drinking coffee?  Or are you productively working to develop more business?  And by productively I'm talking about "profit-generating" work.

The Recession-Proof Auto Sales Manager


People behave in contradictory ways during times of stress–like during a recession. Too many Sales Managers in too many dealerships become paralyzed by fear or indecision.

Recessions are part of business cycles, just like growth periods. Thus, managing during a recession is part of a Manager’s job – perhaps the most important part.

Service Manager Training Book


What exactly is your blueprint or roadmap for transforming your service department?  Do you have an outline of your plan?  Does anyone else in your organization know your developmental plans to change the course of your Service Department? 

To get started you need an action plan and you need to share it with your managers to critique it, finalize it and enact it.  If you are the only person with the outlines of your roadmap for success in your head it will never be executed – PERIOD!

20 Live Auto Sales Training Audios


This offering is for 20 Live Sales Training sessions that were conducted either in a dealership classroom or a large group seminar.  You will receive over 18-1/2 hours of sales training all in mp3 format ready to listen to on your computer or portable media player.  You will receive these session on a DVD since the total size is over 1-1/2 gb.

These were recorded with a lapel microphone, so they are not studio production quality.  But the quality is still great and the material is outstanding. 

• Automotive Sales Training   • Automotive Manager Training

The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars Book
The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars Book
  Under New Management - New Vehicles eBook
Sharpening Your Skills as an Auto Sales Manager
The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars Audios
The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars Audio Program
  Under New Management - Used Vehicles eBook
Sharpening Your Skills as a Used Vehicle Sales Manager
The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars Video
The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars Video Program
  The Recession-Proof Sales Manager Audio
How to Avoid a Recession in Your Sales Department
Taking Care of Business eBook
Increaing Auto Sales by Taking Control of Your Business
  Gearing-Up for Management Audio
Provides the Tools Necessary to Become an Effective Leader
Auto Salesperson's Organizational Planbook eBook
A Complete Yearly Salesperson Organizer
  Auto Manager's 52 Week Lesson Planbook eBook
52 Half-Hour, Already-Prepared Lessons for Sales Meeting Training
Phone-Up/Follow-Up File Boxes
A Phone and Follow-up Organizer in a Box
  How to Make a Profit in the New Vehicle Department Audio
a 90-minute, NADA seminar presentation in mp3 Format
Close More, Make More! eBook
The Essentials for Negotiating, Closing and Handling Objections
  Cyber-Training for Auto Sales Managers eBook
Our Bi-Weekly Email Training Program for Managers on cd-rom
Taking Care of Business - Audio Program
What They Didn't Teach You in Basic Selling Skills
  Cyber-Training for Auto Sales Managers Audio
30-60 Minute Live Sales Meeting Training Sessions in mp3 Format
Cyber-Training for Auto Salespeople Audio
30-60 Minute Live Sales Meeting Training Sessions in mp3 Format
  Selling Skills Training Workbook eBook
Complete Workbook for Training New Hires
Cyber-Training for Auto Salespeople eBook
Our Weekly Email Training Program for Salespeople on cd-rom
  Used Car Sales Manager Training Audio
Sharpen Your Skills to Sell More Used Vehicles
20 Live Sales Training Audios
18 1/2 Sales Training Audios all in MP3 Format
You Can Make $100,000 Per Year in Auto Sales eBook
Selling Skills - Business Skills - Internet Skills in One Program
Phone-Up/Follow-Up Seminar Audio
Takes You Through the Steps to Achieve Results in mp3 Format
5 Essential Tips to Closing More Sales Audio
Don't Wait Till the End to Begin Closing Your Customer
Closing Your Customer From Greeting Through Delivery Audio
Closing During Every Part of Your Presentation
Closing Your Customer From Greeting Through Delivery eBook
Closing During Every Part of Your Presentation
Phone-Ups are Big Business Audio
This Audio Teaches You to Handle Phone-Ups Like It's a Business!
Automotive Salesperson, Inc. Seminar Audio
Teaches Salespeople to Become Better Business People
The Art of Developing Sales Opportunities eBook
Making Sales When You're Not With a Customer

• Automotive Service Training   • Automotive Internet Training

Auto Service Advisor Training Program
A Customizable Program for Training New and Existing Service Advisors
  Winning the Internet Sales Game
An Internet and eBay Sales Development Program for Auto Dealers
Roadmap to Service Profitability by David Spicer
Keeping Your Dealership in the Black
  Winning the Internet Sales Game Quick Start Audio
10 Steps to Help You Get Started in Internet Selling

• Auto Sales Manager Toolkit   • Receptionist

The Auto Sales Manager Toolkit
Training for Sales Managers & Salespeople- Totally Reproducible!!
  Receptionist Training Manual
42 Page Training Manual I Use to Train Receptionists

• Approved Vendors   • Specials

How to Sell Automotive Service and Repair - DVD
Terry Greenhuts Famous Sales Program for Service
  ASTN Sales Perspectives Audio
5 Audio Programs from the Automotive Satellite Television Network
How to Sell Automotive Service and Repair - Book
Terry Greenhuts Famous Sales Program for Service
  Used Car Sales Training Program on DVD
Learn How to Sell Used Cars and Make More Money!
Down the Road
Todd Newman's Professional Car Selling & Career Strategies Book
  46 Dealership Job Descriptions
Providing Duties and Expectations for Dealership Employees
Mastering the Basics
Stephen Croteau Teaches How to Succeed in Auto Sales
Paul Webb's Online Video Training
Cost-Effective Online Training for Auto Salespeople

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